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Ceredo Municipal Court

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Our Court

Greg Jarrell

Municipal Court Judge

Scott Byard

Municipal Court Clerk

About the Court

Ceredo Municipal Court is held every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm, except for holidays and inclement weather schedules. We currently utilize two Municipal Court Judges. One Judge is used as needed. Both have extensive backgrounds experience in criminal law. Our court division has one part-time court clerk who deals strictly with court related matters.

Mission Statement

​Our mission is to provide a forum for the fair and impartial adjudication of Ceredo Municipal Code violations and West Virginia State Code violations; to resolve these cases rapidly and efficiently in an environment that is safe for all concerned. We will do this in a manner which promotes and upholds the integrity ad independence of the judges, thereby maximizing the community’s confidence in the court.

We will become increasingly customer service-oriented, technologically innovative, efficient and creative in all our operations and will strive constantly to maintain a supportive working environment by encouraging teamwork and employee growth.

What We Do

A municipal court is a trial court that deals exclusively with cases involving town ordinance violations. Offenses brought before a municipal court are those that occur within the limits of the municipality. Examples of violations handled in municipal court are: traffic, assault and batery, disorderly conduct, vandalism, loitering, theft, shoplifting, building code and fire code. Characteristics of a municipal court include the following:

A sentence to pay monetary forfeitures to the Town is the primary sentence imposed on a guilty defendant. In addition, a municipal judge may require a defendant’s participation in a community service or educational program. If a defendant does not pay the forfeiture, a judge may suspend the defendant’s driving privileges or put him or her in jail or place him/her on the State Tax OFFSET Program.
Municipal court records are public records. This means that with the exception of juvenile cases, the records of all municipal court proceedings are accessible to everyone.
All actions of the municipal court are appealable. Both the defendant and the Town’s Attorney have the right to appeal the decision of the judge. Appeals are heard at the Circuit Court located in Wayne, West Virginia.

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